Psychic & Beyond Holiday EXPO

December 7 & 8, 2019


11:00am – 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday


$2.00 at the door - or -

Free Entry with a Non-Perishable Food Donation


~ 36 Vendors ~


 Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives & Healers

Metaphysical Shopping

New Age Supplies, Crystals, Jewelry and more


HEADLINER Presentation

Saturday 8th 7:00-9:00pm Night Main Event

Messages from Heaven™ with Julia and Rebecca Anne


Expo & Gallery Events held at

Hilton Garden Inn, 85 South Glastonbury Blvd. Glastonbury, CT 06033 (860-659-1025)

Consider booking a room and visit the Expo all of the days!

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Vendors List


1. The Beyond CenterYour host of the 7th Annual Psychic & Beyond EXPO, The Beyond Center is located in Vernon, CT.  The Center is the home to the private offices for Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne LoCicero, her daughter, 2nd generation psychic medium Julia Jette Smith and other practitioners who offer a variety of classes and services that align to the holistic and metaphysical ethical programs the Center offers. The Beyond Center is also the home to the Weekly Thursday Night Messages from Heaven ™ with Rebecca Anne LoCicero   Weekly programs include Meditation, Walk-in readings, psychic group meet-up.



2. Rebecca Anne LoCicero ~ Psychic Medium/Author Presenting to you “Living with Messages from Heaven” an advocate for psychic mediumship and a guide to communication with the beyond.  Purchase your copy today for $15.00 special at the Expo.  Signed by the author.  Also, be sure to get all the information about upcoming events featuring Rebecca Anne presenting ‘Messages from Heaven’ ™ her main presentation of afterlife communication.  Rebecca Anne is a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation, a monthly featured guest on WHMP 93.9 in Northampton MA, she has been a Headlining Show at Comix Mohegan Sun Casino, onstage at The Funny Bone Comedy Club. This and more information at her booth! Stop by and say hello.  



3. Julia Jette Smith - Naturally empathetic and intuitive. Julia offers mediumship readings, giving her clients the chance to connect with their loved ones who have passed on from this life. Raised in a home with psychic awareness gave her the ability to be aware of spirit and energy throughout her whole life. She reads with bold honesty and blunt information, expressing the personality and truths of the connections she makes between the "here and there." (groups and privates held at The Beyond Center, Vernon CT) If you are interested in a reading or have any questions E-mail or call/TEXT-860-377-6591


4. Infinite Love and Serenity (Reiki Energy, Sound and Vibrational Healings)

Lisa Toomey from The Beyond Center is a Reiki Master who incorporates sound and vibrational healing into her meditation and Reiki healing sessions.  She will be offering Reiki healings as well as selling Reiki infused genuine gemstone power mini intention bracelets. -


5. Loving Karma – Energy Alignment for Home & Body

Creating Harmonious spaces together that are energy aligned for the home & body through the use of Reiki and Feng Shui to help you manifest and attract the life of your dreams!


6. Enchantments Sacred Space and Witch Boutique - Manchester, CT

Enchantments is more than an awesome gift shop!  It’s also a space for learning, discovering natural magic and energy to change your life for the better. Ms. Faith has been a witch for over 40 years and can help you!


7. Readings by Denise

I am an intuitive tarot reader who uses cards as a tool to deepen my connection with spirit and to open the visions that guide me.  I can guide you on your path and validate your feelings with a no-nonsense reading!


8. Readings by Melinda: Psychic/Medium/Intuitive

Melinda is a Psychic/Medium/Intuitive.  Melinda utilizes Angel or Tarot cards in her readings.  Her readings will help you gain insight on life decisions.  She connects to Angels, Guides and loved ones.  She believes it is her job to help, heal, empower and motivate/inspire you to make right decisions.  She will not tell you what to do, she will tell you what to look out for.  The rest is up to you.  Website: call/text 860-919-6361 or email:


9. Ed Cleveland Sound and Reiki Training Center

Providing professional high-quality Sound Vibrations that are found in nature for balancing ones healthy using 2 large Gongs.  You will be able to sit between these magnificent instruments while they gently vibrate into your body to assist in restoring optimum health on a cellular level, for your mind, body and spirit.  Only $20 for 15 minutes!  Truly an experience of a lifetime! See Ad in this Brochure


10. Psychic Mark

Psychic Mark, a Psychic Medium, Life Coach, Owner of The Blush Center For Healing, Northampton, MA. Specializing in personal and phone readings along with hosting weekly gallery readings (Spirit Talk & Become The Light Again)


11. Tracy Ann, Psychic Medium, LLC

I am a 4th generation psychic medium, the grief of losing my own son put me on the path to help others.  I will provide validating details about your loved ones in heaven and receive a message from them to you.


12. Reiki Will Travel, LLC

A Mobile Reiki Business- Traveling to homes and businesses, available for special events.  Office space also available for appointments. See Ad in this Brochure


13. Spirit Animal Guide Readings and Art by ‘Amber Art’

Meet your Spirit Animal! Guided through Meditation you will meet your spirit animal, learn it’s meaning and receive a drawing of your animal.


14. UNWineD Painting and Gifts

We offer a variety of handcrafted items from painting to crochet items and anything in between.  Now offering ‘Heathers Light” 100% pure organic oil candles in honor of our late sister and daughter.  Visit our facebook at UNWineD Painting Today!


15. Intuitive Readings

Readings by Leah, Merry & Nicole will inspire your life!  Intuitive impressions shared without limits.  Your guides, loved ones and higher-self messages.


16. Kimberly Poulin – Psychic Medium/Reiki Healer

Mediumship Readings: Sharing information I receive from spirit, offering healing through Divine Connections. 

Psychic Readings:  Connecting with your universal energy to offer the sitter intuitive impressions and guidance.

Reiki: Energy Healing with Intuitive guidance of impressions received. See Ad in this Brochure


17 Swift Farms

“Swift Farms” 100% Beeswax Candles, Raw Honey, Maple Syrup, Beeswax Lip Balm.


18. Oignucs Incense and Fragrances

Oignucs specializes in high quality imported incense as well as a maker of dipped sticks and cones.  Wide variety of blended fragrance oils and essential oils.


19. Irinie Chiu – RAINBOW WORKS

Irinie, a Direct Voice Spiritual Medium, Empath, Reconnective Healing Practitioner & Angel Therapy Practitioner from Massachusetts, is offering heart-centered Angelic Guidance & Mediumship Readings for the matters in your life in which you seek guidance through direct channeling, automatic writing and the use of divination tools, as well as loving messages to reconnect you with your deceased loved ones.  She is known to be deeply caring, genuine at heart and loves all Life! See Ad in this Brochure


20. Inner Essence

We offer Rough & Tumbled Crystals/Minerals/Fossils including rare/specialty stones & Jewelry, along with Spheres, Skulls, Pendulums, Chakra pendants & Angel Products. 860-604-1349 FB: Inner Essence Crystals ~


21. Tami Hawley, The Divine Dove

As an intuitive card reader and psychic medium, I deliver compassionate and loving messages that validate, clarify and support your life journey.  Stop by for a reading!  Gift Certificates are available, FREE GIFT with every gift certificate purchase of $50 or more.


22. Wrap It Up Jewelry

You will find gorgeous, Bohemian Jewelry and Hair Accessories – All Unique, one of a kind and lovingly hand-crafted!  Most of my creations are made with Healing Copper – used for centuries to help alleviate pain, headaches, swelling and arthritis.  Why buy ordinary?  Make this holiday special with a one of a kind gift! -


23. Stairway to Healing Light, LLC

Denise Cassella is a sound vibrational healer using Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki, intuition with Shamanic channeling and vocal toning. Her interfaith ministry will be a benefit for Spiritual Guidance, Medical Qigong & some acupressure points will be utilized as needed.  Come get your magnetic field realigned & decompress! See Ad in this Brochure


24. Samaia’s Golden Pyramid

For your spiritual and magickal needs.  I offer handcrafted chakra/crystal oils and sprays, figure candles, yoni herbs, Reiki and Ordained minister services.  Cash is preferred but Credit cards are also accepted.  I’m at and See Ad in this Brochure


25. Marion Porter – Spiritual Journey Travel Guide

Marion Porter is a Shaman who can help you to navigate your spiritual journey.  She will support you to remove the blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals.  Are you ready to be the hero of your own story again?


26. Aura Inspired illuminations

Kerri Letellier, Registered Nurse, Holistic Healer and Medical Intuitive analyzes your energetic biofield (aura), chakras and organs/glands providing one-of-a-kind, unique mini readings with a personalized printed color imaging.  Kerri does events, fairs and parties.  “What are the colors of your story?” See Ad in this Brochure


27. Seaside Jewelry

Seaside Jewelry is a unique collection of sea glass and natural stones made with sterling silver.  Each piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind and carefully designed with meaningful intentions by a reiki master.  Just launching Fall 2019 is our new collection of rocks and minerals for great holiday gifts! See Ads in this Brochure


28. Tools for the Heart

Let us Intuit’ the Perfect Mineral for You!


29. Cindy MacNeil Sola – Spirit and Balance, LLC

Since 1970 Cindy has been a gifted intuitive Psychic Medium, Also a Reiki Master Teacher.  Her private office is in Higganum, CT.  She has dedicated herself to helping others with healing and messages from past and present. See Ad in this Brochure


30. Henna Designs by Morgan

Henna Designs by Morgan uses only all natural – non-toxic temporary Henna to create unique one of a kind body art.  Available for birthdays, graduations parties, Celebrations, weddings, bridal showers and more!  All ages and personal designs are encouraged!  Price by design!  See Ad in this Brochure


31. Art from the Heart

Spirit Artist who paints from visions received in meditation.


32. Stone Sisters – Saturday Only


32.5 Readings by B’ --Sunday Only

Betsey “B” has the ability to use Angel and Tarot cards tap into past, present and future events to help you understand and/or prepare to make decisions. (


33. Psychic Medium Heather Gottlieb

I can see, hear and feel spirit clearly and have my entire life.  I can honestly say I love giving my clients peace of mind.  I communicate with spirit, offer spirit guide and past life readings as well as Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards.

I am a fourth generation psychic medium and have been able to communicate with spirit my entire life.  I chose to push my gift aside until my brother killed himself.  Everything came right back to me and I knew what to do.  My brother’s death changed everything and encouraged me to help people.  I needed to help people the way I didn’t know how to be helped when he passed.   I do have to say I have the best job ever.   I have offered readings in local stores, hosted a seminar about suicide, host parties at my home or your choice.  I also offer reading at my home, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Duo or Face to Face.  Check out my website See Ad in this Brochure