Holiday Psychic & Beyond EXPO Dec 3 & 4, 2022

Holiday Psychic & Beyond EXPO December 3rd & 4th, 2022
Doors open 11:00am-5:00pm Saturday and Sunday

The Expo will be held at The Maple Grove Club, 100 Franklin St. Vernon/Rockville, CT 06066
This will be a 2 day event.

Tickets are $2.00 to enter - or - free entry with a non-perishable food donation.

This event will feature the best vendors, great shopping, unique gifts and specials.
you will be able to get an energy healing, Reiki, and some spiritual guidance.
you can also get a mediumship reading, or a psychic reading by professional intuitives.

Any questions, please email Rebecca Anne LoCicero - producer of Expo at

Holiday Psychic & Beyond EXPO - December 3rd & 4th 2022, Saturday & Sunday 11:00am-5:00pm $2.00 entrance fee – or – Non-perishable food donation that will be delivered to HVCC in Rockville, CT                                  Producer and host of event: Rebecca Anne LoCicero dba The Beyond Center, hosting at Maple Grove Club, Rockville,

Raffle! Tickets $1.00 each for some Grand Prizes donated by our Vendors.

Welcome to this amazing holiday expo full of vendors for you to explore.  The expo production team of volunteers does not support, recommend, suggest, or align with any services or products of the vendors.  They are all independent contractors who offer their own products and services.  All questions/comments about each vendor’s offerings should be directed toward them.  All psychic, intuitive, healing, reading etc, charge their own prices and take their own fees.  ENJOY YOUR VISIT.

Vendors are listed below by number, corresponding number is presented on or above each booth at this event.

1. Welcome Table: Purchase your Raffle Tickets and Pick up your Brochure! ALSO at the Welcome table is featured      The Beyond Center with Rebecca Anne LoCicero –Learn about the New TV Show Messages from Heaven ™ on CVC CT. Purchase your signed copy of Rebecca’s book Living with Messages from Heaven for $15!  Grab the upcoming events list to see Rebecca LIVE!

2. Inner Essence – We offer Rough and Tumbled Crystals/Minerals/Fossils including rare/specialty stones and Jewelry, along with Spheres, skills, pendulums, Chakra and Angel Products. 860-604-1349 Facebook Inner Essence Crystals.

3. Teresa the Baker/Owner of Manchester Cheesecake Co. will be selling her personal sized gourmet cheesecake on She uses only the finest ingredients and tries to buy local when possible. For more information, please email Saturday only 

3. Creatively Yours–Handcrafted Silver Jewelry and Tibetan Singing Bowls. Sunday Only

4. Midnight Embers Design – We specialize in making nature inspired resin jewelry that sparkle and shimmer.  Working with resin and glitters helps to create eye-catching designs with a fascinating sense of depth. www.Etsy.come/shop/

5. Julia Jette is a Psychic Medium who has been working in her field for 10 years. She communicates with passed on loved ones with accuracy and compassion, through blunt and validating information. Julia is offering mini Mediumship Readings on Saturday only.

6. Kaitlyn Smith Tarot: Kaitlyn connects with her guides to offer intuitive tarot readings. These readings will guide you to healing and give you in depth insight.  And through your reading, remember that no matter, what you are loved.     

7. Biomat Healings & More - Stefanie will be offering Amethyst crystal Biomat sessions, energy healings on the Biomat and numerology readings…Stefanie & Merrick will have gift items including oil blends, homemade lava bead and assorted bracelets and other homemade gifts for purchase as well as special holiday priced numerology blueprint reading gift certificates.  Biomat orders will be available as well. 

8. Psychic Mark - Psychic Mark is a Psychic Medium Reader and Life coach and owner of The Blush Center in
Northampton Mass. With 30 years of experience, Psychic Mark works internationally, helping people, by specializing
in readings and life coaching by personal or zoom sessions.



9. Gogo Indawo: I am an initiated Sangoma traditional healer in the ubungoma tradition of South Africa. Gogo throws bones as her primary form of divination. The ancestors speak through the bones offering guidance and insight on current life situations, aspects of yourself and lineage which need to be addressed and healed, life path and purpose, and connection to yourself at the deepest level.

10. Dolphin Dreams – Handcrafted and wire wrapped jewelry and gifts.

11. AURA INSPIRED iLLUMINATIONS – Kerri Letellier, Holistic Registered Nurse and certified Biopulsar Reflexography analyst, analyzes your energetic biofield (aura), chakras and organs/glands providing one-of-a-kind unique, spot-on readings with personalized imaging printed in color, she does events, fairs, parties, ‘what are the colors of your story?’

12. The Angelic Crystal – Our goal is to share my love of crystals with others, while striving to offer the best prices.  WE offer items to raise your vibration and enhance your spiritual practice including, sage, incense, candles, crystal kids and mew age items.

13. Oignucs Incense – Hand Dipped stick and cone incense as well as imported favorites. Fragrance oils, oil warmers, incense burners, sage and other related items.

14. Irinie Chiu RAINBOW WORKS – Irinie Chiu, a Direct Voice Spiritual Medium, Empath, Reconnective Healing Practitioner & Angelic Guidance Channel from Massachusetts, is offering heart-centered Angelic Guidance Readings and Mediumship Readings for the matters in your life in which you eek guidance through direct channeling, automatic writing & the use of divination tools, as well as loving Mediumship Readings to reconnect you with your deceased loved ones. She is known to be deeply caring. Genuine and t heart and loves all of life.

15. Samaia’s Golden Pyramid – For your spiritual and magickal needs I offer you handcrafted chakra/crystal/specialty oils, specialty items, and candles, etc.  I am a Reiki Master, Ordained Minister and offer Spiritual Consultations. Heal and Manifest a better life!

16. Earth’s Comforts – Reiki is an ancient and powerful healing practice.  Earth’s comforts are all about supporting you.  In addition to helping alleviate physical and emotional stresses, it works focus and grounding. Stop by to learn more.

17. WTF Just Happened?! - Book + Podcast:  What happens when a sciencey-skeptic decides to explore if there is any evidence of an afterlife after the loss of her father? Liz explores everything from psychic mediums to parapsychologists as she gains hope that maybe her dad really is with her.

18. Intuitive Wellness / Dimes from Heaven: Have you wondered if coincidences are signs from Heaven?  Domes from Heaven, how coins & coincidences helped me discover my life as an empath is an incredible story that turns skeptics into believers!  Angel Card Readings Available.

19. The Finch Gallery – Cara Finch Fine Art  - Cara Finch is a painter and illustrator who creates work in the intuitive, narrative style.  The subjects are always metaphysical in nature and include human, animal, spirit guide, spirit-in-nature and healing topics. Her style is unique and recognizable.

20. Bone and Botanicals - devoted to ethically harvesting wild herbs and animal bones.  Our goal is connecting people with nature through our herbal products, animal bone, as well as bone jewelry and tools. Julianne Beaudry

21. Readings by Denise/Wycked Cauldron: I am an intuitive tarot reader who can guide you on your path and validate your feelings. I will give you a no nonsense reading with honesty and truth. I will also be selling my natural lotions, herbal remedies and soaps.  Leave a message or TEXT:203-520-6585

22. Readings by Melinda – Melinda is a Psychic/Intuitive. She utilizes Tarot or Angel Cards in her readings. Melinda believes it is her job to help heal, empower, and inspire you to make right decisions on your path. She will never tell you what to do, she will tell you what to look out for!  Join Melinda today for a reading.

23. Pagan Faire – Dragons and Faeries, Magickal supplies and more!

24. Reiki will Travel LLC: Meet Cheryl, Providing Reiki sessions in home/office/businesses, as well as 2 private office locations in CT, Also providing Reiki sessions for horses.  Tarot readings available over the phone and in person and group events in your home.  Years of experience with metaphysical mind body connections through intuitive impressions and sharing.

25. Soul Fire Readings - Sabrina Haworth is an intuitive Psychic and Medium. She offers messages through Oracle Card Readings using her guides to provide clarity when life is upside down or something is just off. She specializes in healing the soul for you to be able to live your best life! Sabrina can be reached at 412-979-1666  FB: Soul Fire Psychic Sabrina

26. Fun Times Jewelry/Enchanted Forest – Unusual gifts for your holiday giving at reasonable prices. Some of the unique items include dragons, jewelry, fossils and gemstone items like spheres, animals and trees.

27. Love, Light and Hope, LLC – Kimberly Fisher is a Healer and Intuitive. Offering Oracle Card Session and Zero-Gravity Chair Mini Reiki Sessions. Stop by and learn more about the Love, Light and Hope that is available for you today!

28. Inner Mountain Peak Healing LLC – I believe everyone has the capacity to heal themselves.  My mission is to create awareness for people to access their own true divine self through the holistic services provided.  Opportunities for mini reiki services will be provided.

29. By The Sea Creations – One-of-a-kind Handcrafted driftwood creations made from Misquamicut Beach Finds; Christmas/Nautical/Chakra Trees, jewelry hangers, ornaments and centerpiece décor.  Saturday Only

29. Lets Get Wired - the Crystal healing hub for all of your Sparkling energy needs! At Let's Get Wired we specialize in sales of healing gemstones, Crystal jewelry, Reiki infused products, Crystal Creations & so much more! Join us in our online Facebook group "The Sparkle Market" or on our Etsy page to shop & learn about all of our Dazzling offerings" Sunday Only

30. Amber Art – Professional and Uniquely Intuitively inspired pieces of Art. All Handmade.  Amber is a professional artist who uses many muses to inspire one-of-a-kind pieces.  Come shop today and find that perfect piece for you!

31. Amanda Hallam, Holistic Heath Coach – After years of receiving separate treatments for eating disorders and mental illnesses, I realized every aspect of ourselves is connected and sought a more holistic approach.  Now I help women feel comfortable and confident in their mind, body and spirit.

32. Healing Intention - DawnLyn W. - Psychic/Medium for 13 years publicly. Multi dimensional energy healer/ Reiki Master. Animal Reiki practitioner and spiritual counselor. Formally a CT resident most of life. Now residing in NC. Thanks to my 2 mentors ...Rebecca Anne LoCicero for Psychic Medium part and Deb McElroy for Intro to reiki and teaching. Without them I would never have been so blessed as I am to share this with all your energy. It truly is a blessing.

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