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:::a note from Rebecca Anne, as the owner of The Beyond Center for the last 20 years, I have come to the point where I must let others who I DO TRUST read YOU the most amazing clients.  I will 'recommend and refer' to these mediums, psychics and healers below.  I will book these sessions for you with them, and they will host these sessions in my office where you will be treated ethicly and with respect for your highest good.  You are always free to email me with any questions or comments on your experiences.  thank you!  and enjoy your sessions! Love You!:::
How it works.... read below!

Fee $150.00 -
-each reading will be a private session for a one-on-one appointment lasting 45-60 minutes. 
-use contact form below to 'get a reading'
-choose which reader and date.

Your appointment is booked and confirmed by Rebecca Anne LoCicero's office staff.
You will come prepared to pay the reader the day of your appt, we do not take deposits. (please please email us and let us know if you need to cancel, no shows suck!  thanks)
We do not need any information more then your first name, email and cell # to confirm. 
*These readers are recommended and trusted by Rebecca Anne. HOWEVER, you are to do your own research. Like each human we are all unique individuals, you can email and ask each of these readers what they do in more detail, some use tarot cards, some do not, some speak to spirits of the dead, some speak to angels and guides.  Come open and prepared.  Thank You!

If you are looking to book a reading with Rebecca Anne LoCicero, you will have to go to her official website
these are mediums/psychics/intuitives that use Rebecca Anne LoCicero's office space in Vernon CT.

Readings by Melinda Melinda is a psychic/intuitive. She utilizes Angel or Tarot cards in her readings. Her readings will help you gain insight on life decisions. She connects to your Angels, Guides, and loved ones. She believes her job is to help heal, empower, and inspire you to make right choices in your life! She will not tell you what to do, she will tell you what to look for. The rest is up to you! Can be found at or
Melinda current availability is Saturday's 11-3pm:
2021-Sept 11th=Oct 2nd=Nov 6th=Dec 4th
2022-Jan 8th=Feb 5=March 5

Julia Jette Smith is a Second Generation Medium. 
Although her psychic intuitive impressions are also strong, her focus during a session for you is strictly mediumship.  She speaks with the loved ones you have lost that are no longer in the physical.  With her upbringing as Rebecca Anne LoCicero's daughter she has had an open forum with the spirits since she was born.  With this comes compassion and validation with blunt emotional expressions without bias!  If you have a connection that is in any way difficult, Julia will unconditionally love you and the spirit for you as she speaks with truth and love.

Julia Availability will be Monday & Wednesday afternoon
3:30-4:30 & 4:30-5:30 August-October 2021

  Nicole DeVona, Psychic, Medium, Reiki master. 
  You can book a reading or a reiki session or can choose a reiki session with messages to follow (which would be a 45 minute reiki healing with 15 mins to discuss any info I receive during the healing). 
  Allow me to be a voice for your loved ones, nothing pleases me more than being able to connect you with your loved ones that have passed. They usually come through with the same personality that they possessed while, here, so that you can recognize them. They are as excited to connect with you as you are with them. I am so grateful for the trust that spirit places in me, by allowing me to deliver their messages to you. I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones. 
   If you would like a Reiki healing session, I am a master/teacher. I can assist you in physical as well as mental/emotional blocks. Normally, Reiki healings take more than one session. But, it is up to you whether to book one or more sessions with me. I find that 3 to 5 sessions usually makes a big difference in moving past any blocks. Please note that Reiki is not a cure for physical ailments. If you are seeing a physician, you should continue to do so as well as follow your doctor's advice. Reiki can assist in physical healing through relaxation and relieving stress and anxiety, but is not used solely to cure physical disease or illnesses.
Nicole is available Saturday's  9/4, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23.
These dates will have two sessions each. The first to be at 11 and the second at 12:30.
11/13, 11/20, 12/4, and 12/18. These dates will have 3 sessions, beginning at 11 am. second at 12:30 third at 2.

 Betsey Miss 'B' - She is the most amazing Bi-Lingual Spanish/English Psychic Medium Intuitive! 
 Please know that what B' says to you will register with your soul.  Your heart will feel what an amazing    world it is to live in, your heart will find that love is real, your feet will see what directions to walk in and your mind will be expanded with the professional and caring information spirit brings through Betsey for you!  A full reading will fill your world with energy to contemplate with your free will and will give you peace in areas of your mind that were unfocused and needed clarity!
B availability falls on Saturdays -  Times vary, please send the next Saturday options you are open and we will book you into the perfectly divine time.

Readings with Leah! -
Leah is connected to nature and the world through a spiritual connection she carries within her personal human body.  She is intuitive and psychic, she is a channeler and a medium as she is in the middle of the spirit world while she is communicating with you and for you.  Her readings are unique and life changing when she connects to the highest good and most loving for you!

Leah Availability is Saturday's! 
Reiki Energy Healings
for Animals (dogs/cats etc)
& Children (baby-teenager)

Nora Anne LoCicero is a second generation Natural Energy Healer who was born with the gifts to empatheticly feel and heal the imbalances within energy fields of those around her.  This included and started with her gifts to see and understand the needs of animals around her, this gift comes with a pure flow of energy that she can focus through her through her.  In addition the 'hot hands' method that she was taught growing up was placed within a Certification of Reiki I.  As a young student of energy work, you will be amazing at her profound healing abilities.

Nora's availability based on a weekly schedule, please send which days and times are best for you, your child, and/or animals.  We will book you the best and quickest we can.

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