6th Annual Psychic & Beyond EXPO

August 5 & 6, 2017

11:00am – 6:00 pm Saturday and Sunday


8 Free Presentations

3 Headlining Events (0nly $20 per event)

~ 41 Vendors ~

 Psychics, Mediums, Intuitives & Healers

Metaphysical Shopping

New Age Supplies, Crystals, Jewelry and more



Welcome Table – As your questions where you enter today, the Welcome table will have the brochures for you, help you with locating the vendors, inform you of our free presentations and headlining events. 

Raffle Table –Each of the vendors have submitted a raffle prize for you to take a chance!

$1.00 a ticket –put the ticket in the box with the coinciding number of the raffle item. Put your name and number on the back of the ticket.  Winning tickets will be drawn Sunday at 5:30pm. You do not have to be present to win, you will be called if you are the winner! Good Luck! 

Headliners Table - Meet & Greet – Information





Saturday Afternoon 4:00-6:00  Dusten Lyvers - Mediumship $20

Talking Spirit with Dusten Lyvers  Dusten will be sharing with us his insight into what it is like to be a 24 year old medium, not only is he the youngest medium in the Forever Family Foundation, but he is also one of the only certified mediums in the Midwest! Join him for a 30 minute discussion about his unique perspective and take on mediumship. Dusten will also be performing a 50 minute long open gallery style reading for all those in attendance. The last few minutes with Dusten will be questions and answers, no question is off limits, and Dusten is very open-minded and sometimes shares too much about himself! Aside from his work with Spirit, Dusten is also a graduate student at Indiana University South Bend, and he participates in Research projects focusing in Spirituality. You won’t want to miss this interesting and exciting evening, there’s a reason he is coined “The Fabulous Medium! *To book a private with Dusten while you’re here contact him via text or call to (574)  214-8235. Full 50-60 minute session - $150

“Dusten Lyvers” Information Booth (Headlining Presentation 4:00-6:00 Saturday) Dusten Lyvers was born and raised in South Bend, IN. He always knew he was different, but he didn’t know he was a medium until he was 19. Since then, he has had the opportunity to study at the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England for psychic science, and he has become a certified medium with the Forever Family Foundation. Dusten views communicating with loved ones one the other side as a privilege,

and he feels he has a personal responsibility to practice as a medium.


Saturday Night 7-9 Jack Mario – Mediumship $20

"​Jack Mario is an internationally known evidential medium based in Gilbert, Arizona. He is known for his detailed accuracy and grounded approach, which is why his clientele is that of nurses, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and aerospace engineers. Through his work Jack has been featured on ABC, various radio shows, and spoken at multiple Arizona colleges. He sees clients privately as well as travels the country performing audience readings, connecting as many as he can to their loved ones in Spirit and reminding them of their own connection." *Jack will host private sessions 50 minutes, $250. Private sessions are conducted in his suite. Email to book your appointment at the Expo

“Jack Mario” Information Booth (Headlining Presentation 7-9pm Saturday Night)

Jack is offering a limited amount of private sessions while at the Expo. This is a time for you to reconnect with family and friends who have died, reminding you of your own connection. 50 minutes, $250. Private sessions are conducted in his suite. Email to book your appointment at the Expo. -

Sunday Afternoon 3:00-5:00 Karen Hollis

Everyone Loves A Great Ghost Story! $20

Come join Karen and hear her speak about the different kinds of hauntings she has encountered while traveling throughout New England investigating with (G.O.N.E.R.S) Ghosts of New England Research Society. Hear the details of what inspired several different episodes on “A Haunting.” Learn the difference between historic phenomena and active paranormal phenomena. Know what signs to look for to know if you too are haunted! Karen will answer frequently asked questions on the topic at this exclusive event.

Be sure to share your ghost story with Karen.

“Karen Hollis” Information Booth (Headlining Presentation 3:00-5:00 Sunday)

Psychic/Medium Karen Hollis has used her abilities for more than 30 years, helping her clients acquire wisdom from Spirit about their soul lessons and how karmic patterns manifest in their life choices. Karen’s ability to communicate with the dead has helped her many clients heal their grief and loss.

Her private readings are highly regarded for their accuracy, integrity, and compassion. Karen teaches seminars and workshops, and has worked with law enforcement finding missing persons and solving cold cases both in the United States and Canada.  

Karen has been featured on Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting,” as well as “Paranormal Survivor” a show out of Canada.  As the lead Psychic/Medium investigator with Ghosts of New England Research Society (G.O.N.E.R.S.),

Karen is “the bridge between evidence and explanation.”


Expo & Gallery Events held at

Rodeway Inn Gibson’s

161 Bridge Street East Windsor, CT 06088 (860) 623-9411

Consider booking a room and visit the Expo all of the days! For more information

Free Entry Presentation Schedule



Saturday August 5

11:00-11:45 Julez Jette Smith (free)– Psychic Support Group Have you ever felt like you knew something was going to happen before it did?  Do you find yourself connected to the energy or emotions of others around you or close to your heart?  Have you ever wanted to explore your psychic or intuitive abilities?

If you answered yes to these come down to the Beyond Center. As a group we will have conversations about how to hone our psychic ability.  Learn tools to separate our own energy from those around us. Do exercises to strengthen our trust and awareness of your intuitive ability


12:00-12:45 Jack Mario Signs from Spirit: (free)

 Our loved ones in Spirit World are constantly around, reaching out, and guiding us. Jack will be going over the common ways your spirits are connecting with you and how you can interpret these connections. 


1:00-1:45 How to Get Up with Life’s Got you Down… with Linda McCracken (free)

Spirit came to me when I was 7 years old, and have known the connections since.  Now, having gone through specific situations such as multiple marriages, abusive situations, accidents, disabilities and job losses; I’ve been ‘Down’.

This is a humorous talk about how Spirit, unusual events and alternative healings helped to heal and get me ‘Up’


2:00-2:45 Communicating with your Higher Consciousness (free)

Communicating with your Higher Self.  Presented by Lynne Hartwell

Our topic will be how to Connect more deeply with your Higher Self, your Higher Consciousness. This is deeper part of who you are, your “true” self. It is the non-physical aspect of you, the part that is pure energy, light, love, joy, etc.  The Higher Self is the “real” you, the consciousness that fills you with inspiration, guides you through your intuition, and teaches you through wisdom. This is the part of you that knows every desire, thought, and intention-it knows intimately every aspect of your being.

We will discuss various methods of connecting with your Higher Self, have a Q & A session, and participate in a short guided meditation.


3:00-3:45 Medial Intuitive Gallery with Lynn Rene MacDonald (free)

This gallery is an open forum for everyone to ask questions and receive answers and solutions to their health concerns, for themselves, people they love and their pets. Will also discuss how to be the healthiest you and natural alternatives for your best health


Sunday August 6

11:00-11:45 Mystical Energetics (free)

Psychic Mark, from 30 years of healing experience, has combined Chakra Balancing, Foot Reflexology, Cranial Sacral and Psychic Mediumship to create ‘Mystical Energetics’.  A powerful form of healing to eliminate blocks from trauma and loss, Helping us to live wholesomely.


12:00-12:45 Rona Levine - Experience the Healing Properties of Essential Oils (free)

This is an experimental presentation in which the participants can see through demonstration and experience how essential oils can be used to help you become more balanced, more grounded and relaxed as well as help you feel more energized and focused.


1:00-1:45 Mystical Healing 101 with Polly Jo Labbe’(free)

Experience the way energy works in your physical and emotional health through this practical and experimental workshop.  See how energy impacts your life and how you can create change in your relationships, job and self.


2:00-2:45 Soul Mates, Twin Flames, 'Your Love Partner & You' All about them" (free)

with Lynn Rene MacDonald. Wondering how you are with the love partner you are with, and why?

This class will discuss the soul mate, the twin flame and the differences. Learn how all of this relates to you and your world both spiritual and in the Earth world. There will also be allotted time for participant questions.




1. “Inner Essence”

We offer Rough & Tumbled Crystals/Minerals/Fossils including rare/specialty stones & Jewelry, along with Spheres, Skulls, Pendulums, Tealight Holders, New Age Charms/Chakra Pendants & Angel Products, for all your healing needs.

860-604-1349 ~ FB: Inner Essence Crystals ~


2. “Journeys: Holistic Wellness & Anxiety Relief Center”

Your place to heal, find empowerment and clarity.  We offer readings, healings services, counseling and workshops for intuitive and spiritual development. Owner: Brittany Quagan – 860-580-9736 – – – located in Simbsbury, CT all sessions/classes onsite or skype/phone


3. “Rebecca Anne LoCicero & Julia Jette Smith - The Beyond Center”

Two generations of Psychic Mediums.  Julia will be presenting and doing mediumship short readings for the expo this year.  Stop by the booth to say hello and grab all the information about the upcoming events at The Beyond Center.  

(featured free presentation with Julia) (see ad in brochure)


4. “Creative Healing – Adrian Laureano”

Adrean is a Reiki Master/Teacher and a Tibetan bowl sound healer. Practicing out of Peaceful Touch in Enfield CT. Also offering doTerra Essential oils. For more information visit and like FB page @creative healing ct for oil tips and information.


5. “Reiki will Travel”

Cheryl Benanti is a Reiki Master and will travel to your home or business for reiki sessions.  (see ad in brochure)


6. “Spirit & Balance” Cynthia Macneil-Sola

Offering Energy readings and I do Psychometry! This is the ability to tune into an object and receive details about it's owner and history.  Metal is the strongest and will hold the most energy over time.  The item is best being worn or used by that same person. Much like a diary or file of past events. (see ad in brochure)


7. “Serenity Grove Wellness Center, LLC”

Rev. Heather DeLusso and Lisa Huppert are gifted Psychic Mediums and Usui Ryoho Reiki Master Teachers, Together they deliver compassionate and sincere psychic/medium readings. Gift certificates are available. Credit cards accepted. Check out other services that we offer at (see ad in brochure)


8. “Live by the Sun Feel by the Moon”

Gina is an Intuitive Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Animal Reiki Practitioner and Licensed Professional Counselor in Farmington, CT.  Gina uses a person centered, holistic approach to wellness.  Experience energy work for positive effects on the mind, body and soul. (see ad in brochure)


9. “Readings by Denise”

I am an intuitive Tarot Reader. I use my cards to deepen my connections with spirit and to open the visions that guide & inspire me.  I will give you a no-nonsense reading with honesty & truth.


10. “Oignucs”

Oignucs Incense and Fragrances offers a wide selection of incense, fragrance oils, essential oils, and fragrance accessories.


11. ‘Irinie’ – RAINBOW WORKS – Angelic Guidance and Mediumship Readings”

‘Irinie’ is from Massachusetts, offers Angelic Guidance and Mediumship Readings through direct channeling and automatic writing, psychomety and reading energy imprints from photos as well as with sketches and drawings. Website: Phone: 16174181147 Email: (see ad in brochure)


12. “Trinity School of Mystical Energy Healing”

Our school is devoted to training healers in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.  By attuning the Energy bodies to the highest vibrational frequencies available to the individual, we bring the body back into harmony with itself. Polly JoLabbe’


13. “Starwinds”

Marion Porter of Starwinds uses Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, and Access Consciousness ® to unlock your possibilities.  Her healing sessions are beautiful Light and Love filled experiences, for more information check out her website at


14. Sunday Only “Dr. Nicole Klughers – Vis Wellness Center”

Holistic Health Expert – Dr. Nicole is a licensed naturopath physician, acupuncture specialist and educator at Vis Welness Center in Rocky Hill, CT Call (234) 2-ACU-DOC or visit



15. Sunday Only “Door Opener Magazine Online”

Featuring David Young CD’s, let your Soul Light shine t-shirts, Book Nook (all new and gently used books for $2), and information on upcoming expos.  Past life Realm Readings (were you a fairy, angel, elemental?) $15 for 15 min.


16. “Rona Levine – Intuitive Arts”  

Rona has been a channel and a voice for spirit her whole life.  She has mastered her skills through studying psychic development, alternative forms of healing that include shamanic practices.  Rona is a reiki Master, certified yoga teacher and a mindful meditation teacher.  Email, facebook ‘intuitive arts’ (community), website (Featured Free Presentation)


17. “Unwined Painting” a division of Rhythms Dance Academy*          

Unwined Painting, located in Windsor Locks, CT offers a variety of paint parties for adults and children for any occasion! Birthday parties, showers, girls night out, fundraisers, you name it! Visit us at for upcoming events or call us at 860-386-0512 to book your own event.


18. “Carol Ruth – Psychic Astrologer”

For over 45 years, Carol Ruth has read for thousands of people.  In order to help others she has studied Astrology and other metaphysical areas in the past fifty-one years, in order to help clients make better choices in their lives. My Website: www.psychiccarolruth


19. Saturday ONLY “Keiko Broyles, Psychic Spiritual Medium – Willows Healing Path, LLC”

Keiko Broyles promotes loving and heart centered communication with the spirit world, but also is focused on providing evidential information to show you the soul will live on after the physical passing. (see ad in brochure)


19. SUNDAY ONLY  “Divine Light & Guidance, LLC” Sonia Manganello is an educator/coach/professional speaker/psychic/medium/ healer who looks to guide you along your spiritual and wellness journey in a compassionate, empowered and loving way.  Each session brings forth new insights and direction so that you may be able to live life with purpose and meaning.


20. “Diane Boutin”

Diane Boutin, M.Ed., HHC, Director of Circle of Holistic Health, Priestess of the Temple of Sophia (Mysteries School for Priestess, Healers, Intuitive and Alchemist) uses her years of experience as a teacher, intuitive reader and healer to promote health


21. “The Traveling Intuitive”

Kristyn is a psychic/medium-intuitive. Growing up in a family with others that have this gift she was never without someone to share her experiences. As an adult, she received her Mediumship levels 1 and 2 certifications from the Psyche Institute”.


22. “Aums Law”

I offer powerful, innovative orgone energy accumulators that neutralize EMF radiation, amplify intentions and emit life promoting EMFs within its surroundings. My craft has assisted me along my spiritual journey and continually will.


23. “Readings by Lauren”

Lauren is a 4th generational intuitive psychic medium.  Having strong connections to loving family, angelic and spiritual guides, she brings over 30 years experience and will help you discover your best authentic choices to find your true destiny.


24. “Stone Sisters”

Artisan-created sterling silver metaphysical gemstone jewelry. Unique  crystals, stones & minerals and select spiritual and metaphysical gifts & supplies.


25. “Lynne Hartwell, Psychic Intuitive”

Spiritual Psychic Readings with Lynne: Sacred Geometry Empowerment Card, Messages from Spiritual Guides & Angels, Psychic Intuitive Readings. Spiritual Psychic Readings. Lynne Hartwell is a Psychic Intuitive with over 20 years experience. With Compassion and Professionalism she explains the physical & infinite realms to help you better understand your current situation and how to overcome obstacles or challenges and move forward. ((see ad in brochure)(offering free presentation)


26. “Readings by Melinda”

Melinda is a Psychic/Medium/Intuitive. Melinda utilizes Angel or Tarot cards in her readings. Her reading will help you gain insight on life decisions. Please join Melinda in a reading today! 15 min for $25


27. “Readings by J.D.”

J.D. is a Psychic-Medium, Author, Coach & Teacher based in NJ. She inherits this gift from her great grandmother. She has presented at many: centers, universities & radio shows. J.D. founded The Indigo Papillon Center 609-578-8728


28. “Spiritual Web Communications, LLC”

Linda McCracken does Tarot readings with the beautifully illustrated Shapeshifter deck.  She also does spirit art of those who have passed over.  She has spiritual books for sale.  If you’d life your hand writing analyzed, place an order. (featured free presentation) (see ad in brochure)


29. “Messages with Tracy & Donna”

Tracy is a 4th generation certified psychic medium. Donna is a certified remote viewer psychic medium. As high school friends reconnected through the losses of their loved ones, their wish is providing comforting affirmation of your loved one’s presence.


30. “Helen Hajjar - Psychic Plus”

RUNE Stones- See what the future holds in store for you re: Love, Money, Health or Career!  Spirit Guide Color Paintings - Using colored paints, Helen will give you messages from your Spirit or Animal Guides!  Healings also included for a reading! (see ad in brochure)


31. “Card Readings by Randy”

Sometimes you may feel stuck and not awake in your own life.  As a psychic reader I feel it is my role to help you achieve a new outlook on our life’s path.  I use Tarot Cards as my tool to tell you the story of what’s happening in your life.  Allow me the honor of accompanying you as you continue forward on your journey.


32. “Creatively Yours- Unique Handcrafted Jewelry”

Handcrafted jewelry created with sterling silver & other metals

One of a kind rings & pendants also incorporate natural stones, adding amazing energy to each piece

Handmade brass & sterling silver singing bowls from Nepal



33. “Enchantments School for Magickal Arts & Witch Shop”

Ms. Faith has been a practicing witch for over 30 years.  She teaches the science and art of witchcraft at her school and at Manchester Community College for over 13 years. 

We have a fully stocked magickal witch shop for all of your magickal & spiritual needs.


34. “Susette Christensen, Reflexology, Crystals & more”

Susette Christensen is a certified Reflexologist at Middlesex Hospital Cancer Center and will be offering at her booth hand Reflexology Self-Care, Crystals, essential oil sprays and more”


35. “Life In Colors, LLP”

Life In Colors is a business that was created to teach people about the importance of Aura and Chakras. We are able to record and image your energy field with our cutting edge computer program that provides insights to your uniqueness. Life In Colors has the ability to capture the colors that appear in your auric field.  You can have many colors and each color adds meaning as to who you are as an individual.   


36. “Spirit of the Lotus, Founder: Robin Barros

Robin is a hands on energy healer, classically trained in Integrative Manual Therapy, Certified by the Four Winds as a Medical Shaman, Medical Intuitive and Advanced Past Life & Soul Coach®, Reiki Master Teacher & Channel


37. “Amber Art – Spirit Animal & Tarot Readings, + Art Sale!”

Ever wonder about your spirit animal? Wonder why that hawk keeps following you?  I can help! Spirit animal readings, tarot readings and fine art for sale. (see ad in brochure)


38. “Psychic Mark”

Psychic Mark will be providing Psychic/Medium Readings, Psychic Mark is the owner of the Blush Center for Healing, LLC in Northampton, MA and provides Psychic Readings throughout New England and Phone Nationally


39. “Jessie Spirit Guide Artist”

Jessie is a 3rd generation clairvoyant/Medium. From your experience with her reading, you will receive a drawing of your Spirit Guide, a channeled reading, colors to ID your gifts you were born with, a gem to heighten your energy, animal guides with interpretations. (see ad in brochure)


40. “Zhenya Amditis, Ph.D”

Zhenya will use the tarot to answer your questions and deities, spirit guides or spirit friends will offer additional guidance.  It helps to focus your reading with specific question, but Zhenya an convey messages from your guides even if you do not have a goal for the reading. FB: Zhenya Tarot Consulting 914-257-3663


41. “Shooting Starz Gifts”

Affirmation candles, books, Doreen Virtue card decks, tarot decks, incense, smudge products, artwork, stones and more. Visit our booth to fill your metaphysical needs.


42. “Lynn Rene MacDonald ‘Spiritual Life Guide’”

Follow & Friend on FB@ Lynn Rene MacDonald/ Instagram@Lynn.Rene.MacDonald  I am a Spiritual Life Counselor, I am a psychic medium, medical intuitive, healer, teacher, Master Soul Cleaner and Master of Universal Love.  I work with people and pets in person and over the phone.


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