Business Hours Saturday's 10:00am-5:oopm
You can come in and shop the visiting vendors, and get a walk in reading
You can come book a future session with Rebecca Anne for a future reading or healing


From 84 West, you will be getting off EXIT 65.  You will turn LEFT at the light. You will go straight through one set of lights and at the second set of lights you will turn RIGHT into the plaza pictured above, called The Vernon Professional Building.  Stop & Shop, KMart and 99's restaurant are other landmarks there.

From 84 East, you will be getting off EXIT 64/65 which is a combination exit.  STAY TO THE RIGHT off the EXIT and follow EXIT 65!  Once at the light at the end of the exit, TURN LEFT to enter the driveway that enters the plaza.  This feels more like just   crossing over the street. The Vernon Professional Building, pictured above, is to the left of the driveway. Stop & Shop, KMart and 99's restaurant are other landmarks there.  

Once at the 'Vernon Professional Building' plaza, you will find the stairs or elevator to the Ground Floor, G-5

Any Questions pertaining to The Beyond Center can be directed to Rebecca Anne LoCicero at rsmith001@snet.net

 Be sure to include in your email: your name, return contact information as well as a detailed message. 

Many Blessings and Thank You.

 The Beyond Center

Vernon Professional Building, 281 Hartford Turnpike, Ground Floor, G-5, Vernon, CT 06066