Animal Reiki with Nora Anne LoCicero

Reiki II Certified Nora Anne LoCicero

Reiki for animals is a technique that Nora has aligned herself to for the highest good of all animals. 
Knowing anxiety or emotional and physical stress that an animal can have can cause lasting & unusual behaviors.  The Reiki through Nora brings healing, alignment and peace. 
Through the connections of energy from her body through her hands, she is able to lay hands on an animal and bring the healing due to them naturally through her.
Sessions are one hour long.  You will bring your pet leashed to the Vernon CT Office. You will stay during the session to the side of the room unless you are needed to hold your pet, in that case you will be sat next to Nora. 
It is suggested that you bring their favorite blanket or bed for them to lay in with Nora as she works with the Reiki and your animal.  Considering all pets welcome for healing sessions including but not limited to, dogs, cats, birds, small caged and reptiles. 
Animals that are to large and/or timid animals can be treated with Reiki in the fenced in backyard area connected to the office.  With Blessings, we welcome you to book a session for your pets!

Fee: $30 a session.  Most sessions last between 30-60 minutes. 

Appointments are booked through email.
email your name, your pet information, your cell # and your availability.
You will be booked asap. Email: subject : Animal Reiki

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