The Beyond Center will Re-Open August 1st.
With love and respect we ask you not to visit if you are sick.
You are welcome to wear your mask to any event. 
All events will limited - by reservation - and will provide you the ability to be 6 feet apart.


You can book a private Energy Healing session with Rebecca Anne

email rsmith001@snet.net

Healings are $30 for 30 min

-- or --

You can choose to do a self-healing

Book Yourself a Healing!

A Sacred Self-Healing Session in a Vibrationally Prepared Private Room

Take time to Heal. Book yourself a Sacred Healing Moment.

The Beyond Center would like to offer you a private session in the Healing Room. 

Our worlds, both within ourselves and surrounding us, has Changed! Moved! Transformed! 

When we experience a ‘Wholistic Shift’ we feel this as ‘reactions’ to our physical health and our mental health. 

The best way to adapt to the New Vibrational Patters around us is to

Balance the Body & Mind!

Take this opportunity to spend time by yourself surrounded by powerful crystals, grounding elements and vibrational symbols.  Feel the natural balancing of your energy flow through you and around you. Now is the time to take a moment, re-align your energy and clear chakras while taking a focus to surround and purge from your aura the energies that no longer flow in balance with the new world we are living in. Give yourself the gift of time in the Healing Room to bring the Clarity You Need! This room is available for you to experience inspiration and spiritual connections of your own through meditation within a healing space that was designed specifically for the human body.

***Please Read: In this post-quarantine time, we ask that you bring your own pillow and blanket to lay on the massage table.  If masks are still a mandatory recommendation, please wear one to The Beyond Center, however during your healing, you do not have to wear a mask.

Healing Room available for: 30 minutes - $20.00.  45 Minutes - $30.00.  60 Minutes - $40.00 (cash)

rsmith001@snet.net Email Rebecca Anne to book your time slot