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Messages from Heaven ™ Television Show
Presenting spirit communication through mediumship.
Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working in Connecticut as a psychic medium since 1994.  Her goal is to present raw unedited readings on camera.  The premise of the show is to host people whom Rebecca is familiar with and have that one person bring guests with them that Rebecca does not know.  The show starts with topics and conversations to initiate a metaphysical connection that brings about a communication from the loved ones in spirit for the guests. 
Rebecca then shares Messages from Heaven ™

Produced by Marion Porter. **contact for information about the show should be directed to rsmith001@snet.net   Thank you. Messages from Heaven (tm) will being airing every Wednesday at 7:30 pm on Comcast Public Access Channel 1070 and live on the website.  It will also be uploaded to Youtube and Facebook etc.

Show Concept: Let's learn about Mediumship, psychic realms and intuition. (Registered ® Trademarked Show Concept Messages from Heaven ™) The first guest of Rebecca Anne will be introduced and interviewed.  That first guest is the host who invites the next guests, the sitters, whom Rebecca Anne will read.  Rebecca will use her spirit communication skills to share her mediumship with those whom her first guest brings with them.  Rebecca will not know who is coming in to be read until the day and time of the show filming.